About Us

The History​​

"   The history... 
                This business began life as a custom cabinetry and furniture shop, and still very much is! We have been building anything and everything cabinetry related for over 13 years now. Custom kitchens and bathroom vanity's are the norm, as well as entertaimnent centers, window seats, office furniture, and the occasion bedroom set. We have the experience and skill to build just about anything a customer can dream up, as long as it's mathematically possible.
                        Our craftsmen here have always been dog lovers, and some have dogs that hang out at the shop daily.  One day, I decided to foster a dog in need.  He came to me with an injury, needing a place to recover, as well as some training and much needed love and attention. His name is Robbie, and Robbie also came with a crate. I'm sure you know the one, the black metal wire cage you can pick up at any big box store. I thought it looked like a jail cage, and I referred to it as such when talking to the rescue people whom I was fostering for. I hated the look of it, i felt it was an injustice to this poor guy to be in this hideous "cage" after his rough past, and figured that there had to be something nicer out there for him to call his den.   After searching the internet for hours for something suitable, and finding nothing of the quality level and beauty that I invisioned, I realized that there was only 1 solution.... BUILD IT!! And so, the idea was born, plans were drawn, material was purchased, and construction began. We built 1 to iron out any kinks, then built 5 more as a first run of the new product.  

Meet Robbie

This guy has come a long way! 

He was injured, scared and starved from being a stray when he first arrived...
It didn't take too long for him to come out of his shell and make some friends!
And these days, he is happy, social, playful, confident,and loves his sister, as well as his cool Black Walnut Crate.

The Mission​

  The mission​, quite simply, is to provide fellow dog lovers with an elegant and tasteful upgrade to the current options available. Big box store plastic and wire crates aren't very pleaseing to the eye, and usually don't quite compliment the decor of the room. We hope that our crates can change that, and be able to blend in seamlessly to your home or office. We currently offer 6 wood species, as well as a painted option with 2 colors to choose from: White, or black. There are 3 choices currently for the anodized aluminum structure incorporated into the wood frames, with custom color options available. We can also accomodate any custom paint color you would like, as well as custom sizes or exotic wood choices not seen here, just contact us to discuss your ideas. All of our crates are custom built from start to finish right here in our Northern California shop by a small but dedicated team of dog loving furniture quality crftsmen.